Skin – Roald Dahl | One Last Pinch

by Natalia Santos


Skin – Roald Dahl  –  Skin & Organs |One Last Pinch – you are life,  nothing more.

That winter – 1946 – was a long time going. Although it was April, a freezing wind blew through the streets of the city, and overhead the snow clouds moved across the sky…{more of the story…}

We come across the dark side of Roald Dahl’s and his creative manner of diction. Most people know Roald dahl for his delightful world of child like adventures and characters. Nonetheless within this pick -we stumble across the collection of short stories. Short stories that will indeed question the unquestionable.

Within this story Skin. We move beyond this idea of skin being a mere piece of physical tissue to more  of a magical metaphorical piece. Observing the definition of skin according to the Oxford Dictionary. Skin is ‘The thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person or animal.’ Being given this definition,  the reader, can truly understand what the word actually means and how it coincides with the story. Moving away from the definition and looking at skin through the metaphorical, one can almost see how skin comes to resemble the representation of desire and greed.  As the readers need to remember that skin resembles something that protects the inner tissues, and organs. This is crucial in understanding the complexities of the body, and as humans we need skin in order to survive. Also, somewhat, this short story can be seen to represent notions of emptiness, and this inner need to feel filled. Beautifully highlighted from the very beginning of the story as it states: ‘winter was a long time going…’ Continued.. by setting a main protagonist called Drioli who ‘painfully shuffles along the side walk.’ As readers we are given immediately a cold setting with a man described with interesting adjectives. With such a cold sense of pathetic fallacy- the readers already know he is in need of warmth.

Definitely worth a read..

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