The Snow Child

by Natalia Santos


snow childd

The Snow Child – Angela Carter – Mere coldness

Midwinter — invincible, immaculate. The Count and his wife go riding, he on a grey mare and she on a black one, she wrapped in the glittering pelts of black foxes; and she wore high, black, shining boots with scarlet heels, and spurs. Fresh snow fell on snow already fallen; when it ceased, the whole world was white.. {more poem…}

We see the world of shattering coldness. The readers are brought into a world of ice. ‘Ice’, of course, being a interpretation of the world we hold within our paws. The world of the story of The Snow Child . Witnessing  the short narrative – the readers can  see how the The Count as well as the narrative come to resemble Ice. Both being cold, lifeless and basically broken. The narrative is cold; a human dies, the main protagonist is driven by jealously and lust.

We are given the three words; ‘MIDWINTER- INVINCIBLE, IMMACULATE’ right at the very beginning. Structurally, this is important because it creates a sense of dramatic irony, a sense of wariness and discomfort from the start. The continuous use of the letter ‘I’ could arguably be seen as a exclamatory language in presenting this world of ‘Ice’ – referred to earlier. This is what makes the short narrative so interesting – it is cold as ice.