Shearwater : Hidden Lakes | Tales of a lost man

by Natalia Santos

sheer water

On today’s pick, it’s Shearwater- Hidden Lakes  ♫|  Directed by Alma Ha’rel

Shearwater executes a song of filled with emotion, doubt and angst. The audience are shown numerous shots of the main protagonist. He can be seen  can be seen, actively scattering the depths of the wilderness used within this music video. The audience are given various shots- medium to long shots to close ups and scatters of depth of field. The shots work together to create the eerie yet dream like sequence of the video.  The video allows us  witness the protagonist’s upper body, with out rejecting the protagonist’s  entire body. This is crucial in understanding the role of the camera in presenting a shot. The upper body containing the face, heart, palms, opens us to a new world of the protagonist. It’s personal this dream like magnificence. We’re seeing a personal dimension. We witness vulnerability.

The protoganist can be seen clutiching a dog. A dog from a denotation level is simply a mammal. But through a vision of connotation- the dog can come to symbolise his deepest desires, his best friend, his brave  moving spirit.   This is incredible because throughout the video- the protagonist follows the dog through the land of the unknown. Through his dreams of terror, confusion, dismay.  As he follows the dog through the wilderness. We see how man and dog bond. Even with the presence of fear leaping behind- man and dog remain reunited.

In addition, the motion of falling can be witnessed within the music video. The protagonist falls, whilst chasing his dog. This addition of falling is really interesting because it can almost be interpreted as the protagonist falling (symbolism of his downfall, in life.) There’s an interesting video on Youtube called Everything is  A Remix  (Youtube, 2012) where the video expands on this notion of a journey more deeply. It states that everything is a remix, which indeed it is. So, perhaps this music video is a remix of the hero’s journey? A journey seen within a multitude of narratives, films, and even games out in today’s world.  Everything Is A Remix touches upon this spiritual road that a hero needs to face in order to fulfil his destiny. This includes examples such as meeting with the goddess, road of trails, belly of the whole, and so on.

Nevertheless, we remain with the protagonist. He is interesting, mysterious and aloof. Mainly because we don’t know nothing about him. Apart from the fact that he has a dog- a cute dog in fact?!