The Prestige | The Pleasures of Magic

by Natalia Santos



Prestige – (2006) | The Pleasures of Magic

Director: Christopher Nolan

The century of industrial revolutions, stages of pivotal change and destruction. All well known concepts of the our social realist dimension.Christopher Nolan’s manages to create a remarkable story of deranged magicians of the 19th century whom try endlessly to outdo each other. Nolan’s surprises us with the world of the surreal and captivates us magic, spark, lights and the unthinkable.  Nolan’s use of Mise En Scene, colours, lights, historical context is all fascinating through the eyes of a director who adores the world of the fantastical and surreal. Through such simple design, Nolan brings his characters to life. Through such intricate design, suitable directing, and speech that seems almost natural and real- Nolan creates scenes that make you inclined to stay.  The intricate design and lonesome colours of the past centuries is most definitely fitting and haunting. The master able to mix the present with the future, and conduct it in such a manner of exquisite beauty.