Batman: The Dark Knight | The Joker’s having the last laugh

by Natalia Santos


the joker

Batman: The Dark Knight (2008) | Who gets the last laugh?!

It has come into my consideration that the character of The Joker played by Heath Ledger deserves a spec of recognition. The Batman; the notoriously known superhero, with its moronic mess of a deluded characters has now become Christopher Nolan’s vision. We see how Nolan dissects Batman, and presents character that fit the norm. Not only do we witness a character of depth, we witness Heath Ledger becoming the character- to not only ‘become’ or’play’ the character, but to live it.  He transforms a cold-blooded character written on paper into an unbelievable piece of art. The Joker is real, we can feel him, and we watch his unshakeable mannerisms. We lose sense of the compassionate human being to a heartless criminal who truly wishes “to kill the batman”.. Raw true talent, His legacy will live on.