Ikiru (1952) Trailer | The dance of death

by Natalia Santos

Ikiru (1952) Trailer |The dance of death


We all have a choice. The pathways we choose in life are all different, but one must take into account that all pathways, ultimately come to an end.  The land of death awaits us all. The protagonist’s legitimate ‘sands of time’ has approached, and the audience witness this through the depths of the trailer. The trailer begins with a sense of pathetic fallacy, that equally sets the sadness. This can be seen to be emphasised  by the melancholic subtitles ‘when faced with a death sentence, how will you choose to live out the rest of your days?’ Interestingly, almost setting a scene of delusional reality. Leaving us with the ultimate question of why are we not just facing reality for what it is?  Rather than, creating mere illusions and insecurities to banish, and remove it from existence.

This allows one to move on to the existence of mechanisms, and reflexes in a way of protecting ourselves. As humans, are we are genetically and psychologically insecure. The protagonist has the biggest challenge ahead of himself. He has been confronted with destiny (life, in better terms.)  He must battle death, he must battle the inappropriate morbid vision that most of us try to blank out.   Within the trailer, we witness the protagonist entering his bed. Sleep; an act of disappearing reality. Sleep; an act used within Christopher Nolan’s Inception (2010) as a metaphor of reality v fantasy.