Lana Del Rey | The raw sentiments

by Natalia Santos


Lana Del Rey: The raw sentiments

The Mystical musical artist: Lana Del Rey is one in her own right.

The courage to explore the darker aspects of existence, through musical cadence is most definitely interesting. The dark places of existence, that not a lot of us- human beings are brave enough to even go into. If one was to extract the inner connotations and works of Lana Del Rey, one would come to the conclusion that Lana Del Rey is ideally an artist, and a successful one at it. From songs called ‘Summertime Sadness’ to ‘Gods and Monsters’. As Listeners, we begin to digest the crescendo of her music, and begin to enter a different dimension. As a famous quote says ‘art is the window of the soul’, we can see how Lana Del Rey uses and utilises her music as a form of artwork, a method of escaping the real world, for a moment of recollection and awareness. A moment to show the real world the pain, and ultimate inner desires, without feeling ridiculed or poisoned for a second.