Treasure Planet (2002)

by Natalia Santos

Treasure Planet (2002) | Futuristic Tales

Note: A continuous theme of the father figure can be seen within this film, so for the context of this analysis/description, I, the author, shall steer away from the repetitive description the father figure theme, and witness the film from another connotation and perspective. Following the world of James Pleiades Hawkins (or, Jim Hawkins – as we all know him as), we witness the shattering indefinite world of self-discovery, and how one must inevitably ‘take the helm and chart your own course’ as Silver states within the film.  As Jim solar surfs through the beautiful landscapes of his home town to being allowed to enter the mystical shipping gates of Montressor spaceport. Jim Hawkins set on a lifetime journey of self-awareness/discovery and so on.  By literally and metaphorically solar surfing his way into discovery, Jim manages to enter this new world with the help of the cyborg (Silver) of course. By containing a heart of gold, Jim slowly brightens up within the movie, by never giving up, as he knows and believes that his intentions are good, and his integrity is strong. This tale of betrayal, strength and courage ultimately leads us to ‘thee Treasure Planet’ that Jim dreamed of as a kid. We, as an audience, watch how his place of fantasy and tales comes alive for only the courageous and greedy to go yonder. Two juxtapositions that contain passion in different forms. By entering Treasure Planet, the transformed Jim is tested, into becoming his strongest version of himself.