Wes Anderson | The quirks of the quirky

by Natalia Santos


Anderson | The quirks of the quirky

An explosion of delightful pastel colours that turns a normal narrative into a colourful piece of art. Anderson explores the
world of childlike tendencies, that opens the world of innocence and naivety. We enter a dimension of life long lessons, beautiful themes and notions, that explore the realist issues of everyday life.  From examples such as Rushmore to Moonrise Kingdom; Wesley or, predominately known as, Wes Anderson constructs images from such a whimsical vision to create pieces of artwork  that represent the hollow universe that we live in.   Shadows and reflections from Anderson’s mind can be seen reflected within his artwork that hopefully elicits some type of motion from the viewer. Through Anderson’s childlike illustrations, one could easily come into the conclusion that Anderson highlights the one huge concept that humans like to dismiss: THE PAST. As the famous Lion King’s quote states ‘You can either run from it, or learn from it.’  This for instance is prominent through the young love depicted within Moonrise Kingdom, the young love that we all yearn of, when growing up through the manic world of adolescence.