Nolan a realist? | Or more profoundly a psychedelic maker?

by Natalia Santos

nolan 1

Christopher Nolan |  A realist? or more profoundly a psychedelic maker

You know democracy? That thing where everyone’s entitled to an opinion. It’s nice once in a while to sit back and digest new opinions and concepts.   Indie wire shares this intriguing depiction on the world of Christopher Nolan as producing a realistic cinematic experience. Or as paraphrased from the article Nolan as representing a realist. Realism, according to definition is  the ‘interest in or concern for the actual or, real as distinguished from the abstract, speculative, etc.’ Unlike the definition, Nolan seems to subvert this meaning and explore various dimensions, dreams and visions. Seen in examples like Inception and The Prestige. Where one he explores dreams, and the other magic and science. . Two things that in fact delve away from this notion of reality but take the audience into a whole new dimension of how the world really works. The world of the fantastical, spiritual, and ordinary. On the other hand, we shouldn’t bash this opinion of Nolan being a realist- as Nolan does in fact create cinematic experiences that are real and emotional. The spirit of immersion is a journey Nolan likes to take us on. Through this Nolan is able to capture his audience and team.  I guess the word one might be looking for to describe Nolan is psychedelic?  Perhaps a psychedelic maker who escapes reality? Or a psychedelic curator who presents the world of the fantastical in such a realistic manner (one that is accepted by the public)? Well, this is up to you to decide.

More information on this article (that I am referring/ video) to can be found here: Nolan a cinematic realist?