Style | broken down

by Natalia Santos



Style: broken down

Style is interesting. style is classy. style is divine. Style by definition means: A particular procedure by which something is done; a manner, or way, characteristic of a particular period, place, person, or movement, A way of arranging. In simpler terms, style is versatile, style in interchangeable. That’s what makes it magical. Throwing a little spin on things, I have broken styles into different sub sections to understand it properly.

  1. ] The user
  2. ]The translation / The Personal Interpretation
  3. ] The attention
  4.  The final product.


Of course, there are many more interpretations of style, but these are just a little something that has been conjured up.  Now firstly the user:

  1.  ] THE USER:  The user creates the style from whatever they like. This includes inspirations, their size/ posture, and other factors that the user would take into consideration when constructing their style.

  2.  TRANSLATION:  Now the translation is purely subjective.This expresses how an audience react to the style. So you do you relate to the style? Is it goth? is it vintage/old school? Is it in fashion?

  3.  THE ATTENTION: The attention category has a lot to do with what basically gains attention and what doesn’t. Anything absurd will be called weird, different and so on.  Unless you are in a ‘click’ of course.  ‘click’ that understands you. And whether you get attention from the masses. Translation and attention sort of coincide – nonetheless translation is how you translate it and attention is your opinion of it – good or bad? cool? worth my attention ? influential? that sort of thing.

  4.   THE FINAL PRODUCT: The final product is basically the final transformation. Many need to flow in and out of the first three to understand the last step. The final product depends on you. It’s after everything. After the emotional teasing, after the experimentation of style, after the attention seeking. When you are just being you. Authentic. Sort of easy to tell, sometimes..