Style of four – The power of aesthetic vision

by Natalia Santos


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Style of Four – The power of aesthetic vision

Continuing this dazzling notion of style, the familiarity between the individual and the interpretation of style can be seen to be highly prominent. As style is subjective, (expanded in my previous post.) Style changes and remain interchangeable throughout time. Regarding celebrity culture and fashion- I have chosen four celebrity personas / people that I believe execute this definition of style rather nicely. From Joseph Gordon Levitt, the character of Sick Boy (played by Jonny Lee Miller)to Helena Bonham carter and the lead singer of the Noisettes: Shingai Shoniwa. Observing these characters, the audience can see how their depiction of style reflects their inner most personality traits and quirky unique tendencies. Looking at  Joseph Gordon Levitt, an American actor, who is predominantly known for his role in 500 days of Summer, Looper, and his underrated movie role: 50/50. But, from just witnessing his raw real persona on Jimmy Fallon’s show, one can see how Joseph presents a man of style, suave and confidence where he engages in a LipSync Battle. He can be seen in a beautiful fitted burgundy-red suit, as he prances around the stage. Losing himself in the energetic song that he lip syncs. Sick Boy (Johnny Lee Miller). Sick Boy, a character from Trainspotting, has in my opinion been displayed to the audience with such elegance. In various scenes, he can be seen in powerful black shades to well fitted dark suits – typically complimented with a bright shirt. To arguably almost highlight his carefree personality. This can also be reinforced by one of the final lines in the movie where Renton (another character from Trainspotting i.e.  Ewan McGregor) states: ‘and Sick boy, well, he’d have done the same to me if only he’d thought of it first.’ Highlighting to us that Sick boy presents both good and bad, which can be equally be witnessed through the construction of his clothes. Similarly to Helena Bonham Carter, the audience can withness how she translates her authentic self into the depiction of her characters. Thus, making the importance of style even more fabulous and dazzling for the audience. And we musn’t forget Shingai Shoniwa and her rocking cultural influence. To be in charge of your talent truly and authentically. To rock the world of music with your authentic confident self is truly an experience. To wear garmets that express a raw simplistic style of London culture is highly admired. It could be a London thing, a retro-spired genre seen with famous dare-devils such as Bowie and Boy George. All in all, rejecting this superficial lifestyle of being constantly dolled-up and glamorous. They revert to a more subtle depiction of style. A style that represents their inner characters.