Pegasus: The gift of a horse

by Natalia Santos

Pegasus collage


Pegasus; a horse designated for Hercules through his path of peril, humilation, loss of hope is beautifully illustrated in Disney’s (1997) depiction. Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker. [The same two directors who directed Treasure Planet, another film that depicts this motion of humanism in such a child-like manner.] Nonetheless, returning back to Disney’s  1997 Hercules. We witness how religious connotations come into play. Pegasus can almost be seen to mimick the ‘conscious’ ( also prominent in  Disney’s 1940 Pinocchio) or in better terms ‘guardian angel’ that follows Hercules in present ‘horse’ form to  guard him through failure to ultimate success.   I, for one, love the way Pegasus is portrayed to the audience through such a lovely playful light manner- almost in retrospect enhancing Disney’s matras of: promise, hope, following your dreams, and never giving up. I’m going to keep this segment a little short, but hopefully you still get my drift. Hah!  Dive deep, and follow your designated path fellow pegasus warriors! ⍣