Bowie : The glistering superstar ★☆

by Natalia Santos


bowie sign


Bowie; the definite moon star who origins intrigues even the mediocre. Bowie; a superstar of the 70’s and 80’ -Expressed a sense of ownership and expression. Bowie educated the world on being yourself, and ‘fucking owning it.’ As Ferdinard Foch’s quote harmoniously emphasises: ‘The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.’ Bowie form of individualism can be seen to fit this quote rather nicely. The fact that Bowie could subconsciously come to demonstrate the human soul on fire – and how once its lit – it keeps on shining. Hence, allowing Bowie to be seen as metaphorically representing a singular simple star -that brightens the closer you get to it. Bowie in retrospect could also be seen as the ‘experiencer’ of the universe. As he experienced life for what it is – not what we’re told it is. Because as singular lifeless human life forms, we constantly told and wait for validation, agreement, and sheer gratification in whatever we do. We want to feel loved, adored and cared for. Nonetheless, at the same time neglecting these same attributes to ourselves. Bowie will be loved and continuously loved because he showed us him. The real him not the puppy-dog false bravado that a lot of us put on. Bowie showed us the connector. The performer. The musical actor. The darkstar!