There’s beauty in the manic – Boy George

by Natalia Santos



Boy George 

Experimenting extravagant style with such an effortless demeanor; Boy George demonstrates the continuation of the human soul (expressed throughout my blog.) Boy George, or ‘Boy’ known by his close compadres expresses an honest free-spirit that spurs words of wisdom and whit from such a young age. Unlike a low -pitched saturated human who hasn’t found their voice through the triumphs of life. Boy George expresses an eager urge to connect to his viewers through such witty jokes, cheeky grins, and expressive eye contact.  Boy George has managed to create a wave of echoing fiery colours filled with joy and raw authenticity. This can be seen throughout his years of fashion and style through the fiery colours he wears; royal blues, purples to passionate reds and gentle whites. In addition, Boy George can be seen to be very influential in the way he expresses himself not only through his fashion sense but through the way he expresses himself through vocal essence and speech. As George expresses in his Aspel and Company: Boy George Interview (1986) that ‘you have to take a break really…. Also I think what happens is that you can ride the festival wave and your music can suffer. The quality of your music can suffer because you keep churning out records. So it’s good to take a little break and concentrate and also decide if you want to continue…or hibernate’ Thus, highlighting the happy free – like spirit George posses; to do what he wants to do, not what society wants him to do. Nonetheless, the road to success and the transition of adolescence to adult can be a scary road. From the emotional turmoils, the new responsibilities, the addictions, the pressures of love, the pressure of conformity -George can be seen to spiral out of control into a downwards trajectory. Ending him in prison. But, let’s not be too harsh – as this is completely normal. As we are not perfectionists, even though most try to appear to be. We all fall – some more obvious than others. We’re all learning how to adapt and slowly learning about our true capacities in this tricky journey we call life. Just as George’s beautiful depiction of what  fashion really is about :doing you, doing what makes you happy. As stated below:

‘Depends really. It depends what you define as fashion. I’d wear anything – as you can see. And I don’t really care what people think ya know – I think that’s really what fashion’s about. My kind of fashion. Is just doing what you want you know. You know if you want to go out with a pot on your head – do it! ( Aspel and Company: Boy George Interview (1986) )