Lucario: The sphinx of shattering coldness and love abundance

by Natalia Santos


lucario 5


The character of Lucario is intriguing. Lucario is what you can call the archetype of the ‘stoic’. It is his destiny to find the truth. Observing the analysis of Lucario through the movie: Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Lucario’s character traits range from a cold hearted individual to a character filled with passion and destiny. Lucario doesn’t show much emotion and remains rather cold-like during the movie. Remaining silent and contained. Without being too harsh to judge and critical of his cold-like persona. The audience needs to understand the root of his tortured and troubled demeanour. Lucario; being the servant of Sir Aaron, was trapped in his master’s staff for several years. Thus, causing confusion and delusion in Lucario’s character. By experiencing such destructive abandonment from his only loyal comrade – Lucario remains paralysed with guilt and pain. Therefore, correlating to his lack of trust when meeting the pokemon trainer: Ash Ketchum. Even though lucario is from the fictional world of Pokemon. The psychological damage is real. Psychologically damaged and filled with immense confusion. Lucario dares to find the truth. Through the collection of time flowers slowly but honestly portraying the truth. Lucario’s truth unravels painfully but realistically  that the choice made by Sir Aaron was a choice of sacrifice not selfishness or betrayal.