Trainspotting: The devious pair

by Natalia Santos

trainspotting 2

Trainspotting 2?

A depiction of happiness, a level of rapscallion. A world of madness, addiction, and sheer desperation of escaping morbid reality.  This is paramount in the production displayed by: Danny Boyle- Trainspotting.  ‘Choose Life’ – a quote used by the character Sick Boy. A character in sun bleached blonde hair, clean organised attire, delivers such a line. A line that opens us to such a quirky blasé character who exposes a sentiment of light through such a dark narrative. Harmonious – don’t you think?

Hearing the possibility that there could indeed be a second remark of the notorious witty  Trainspotting crew definitely excites the bones of the devious out there! The rattling possibilities of uniting the actors; Ewan McGregor (Renton), Robert Carlyle (Begbie), Jonny Lee Miller (Sick-boy) and Ewen Bremner (Spud) would most heartedly be a breath-taking sight to envision. The forward transition of time and spectacle on the world of drugs, lucid dreams and fractured realities would definitely be a powerful depiction to portray on screen for a second time round. Nonetheless , through personal opinion – the vision of rehabilitation,  destruction, and morbid reality should most indefinitely be shown. The real hideous side of the withdrawals and living life in the real world without drugs would be worthwhile watch to digest. That all seemingly sounds depressing (nobody wants to see the real horrors) but the real horrors are what people deal with on a daily basis. Well… who knows? This is for us to wait and see.

[Trainspotting 1996  director: Danny Boyle]