Zootopia – You got that wit and gullible determination?

by Natalia Santos



Oh the harmonious world of growing up and chasing your inner most dreams and desires! Zootopia illustrates the destructive world of following your dreams and how the pursuit of failure is imminent yet inevitable. Walt Disney once again repeats this beautiful depiction of failures and difficulties through such a loveable illustration. Disney can be seen to use Zootapia to illustrate their famous mantra of ‘never giving up’ to their young niche market.  By using Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) as a metaphor of strength, naivety, and sheer will-power; the audience can witness how her character deals with everyday obstacles through trying to fulfil her young desire of becoming the first ‘bunny’ cop. On a deeper analysis level, her character can almost be seen to represent the archetype of the hero; the type of hero who never gives up no matter what. (This notion can also be seen in examples such as Hercules, Treasure Planet: Jim Hawkins, Meet the Robinsons and many more Disney remarks and additions.) The triumphs of failures, drops of self-esteem, the roads of disbelievers, the roads of the stagnant conformers and so on- can all be seen to destroy and empower Hopps’ rekindling power of following her dreams. More examples of recreant road obstacles within the film can be seen through the transition of people and things. This includes positions of power and authority-and their opinions (portrayed for instance through the power of buffalo chief bogo (Idris Elba)), the loss of sheer friendship (through her witty sly friend she makes along the journey: Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman)) and the new world she enters: Zootopia. All in retrospect, shedding light on the real realities of having to adapt to your new battles that life throws at you. Thus, emphasising the crucial point that with sheer will-power and strength you can pursue your dreams. That through devastation and the lose of everything dearest to your heart – you ultimately become fearless, as you have nothing else to lose. You are in control. You are now fearless to move on. The secret life not that there is nothing else to lose apart from that burning inner desire that you wish to change the world. (Aspect expanded highly in the world of David Fincher’s Fight Club). By tightly keeping hold to her little sprinkle of hope and light and allowing vulnerability to surface – Hopps manages to ultimately change the world of not only hers but of others also.