Beirut – Home is closer than you think

by Natalia Santos



♫ ♬  ‘ This album is all about coming home’. A reflection from the harmonious indie band: Beirut. Zach Condon, the lead singer, of the Beirut emphasises with his audience by expresses his deepest intentions. Condon goes on  to explain how his life was a  ‘constant state of uphevel – nothing has ever settled down.’ (ManifierInterveiw) Almost allowing the audience and fans to subconsciously observe how Beirut is the aftermath of Condon’s darkest hours. We witness how the confusion, pain and sheer manic of not having a home-ground has been translated into soft music. Soft music that expresses the importance belief that  you do not need to search for a home. You are home.  Through a collection of pure raw honesty, the audience are able to not only identify with Condon and his lyrical mesh of radiant melody, but also able to identify with him. His burning desire to live and share his experiences wholeheartedly. Not cookie-coodled nor fixed.  Condon is honest. He shares. So, we feel a connection of belonging.

We must take into consideration that Condon explores the journey of self discovery, as he ventured on the road less travelled by many. But a road highly rewarding. The battles of failures, hope, loneliness, all will follow. A very important piece of the puzzle to remember expressed within his tale of musical discovery is that the truth always finds a way to unravel itself. Pain can be healed. Slowly but it can. Because, once you lit the human soul on fire – you are born.  ♬♫

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