Jungle book – A child’s feather

by Natalia Santos

jungle collage

Jungle book 2016

d/ Jon Favreau    |       p/ Jon Favreau and Brigham Taylor

The manic transition of growing up and all the elements involved within the perfect picture of green screen illusion. The jungle book presents the young audience with a show of morality, love, hope, death, desire and many more notions of life on a philosophical level. The colours of the film are a perfect way of illustrating the emotions digested within such a legendary tale written by Rudyard Kipling.

Colours of greens and brown can be seen prominent within the film. Colours that present the beautiful waves of nature, raw fresh materials and dusk.  The audience watch how Mowgli travels through the jungle physically and metaphorically. Almost in retrospect, representing the young audience – the archetype of the traveler. Mowgli is the child of the jungle. He travels through, he breathes life to it. Watch carefully how Mowgli experiences the jungle not only as the jungle (i.e. a place forbidden to humans due to danger) but creates experiences within it. He befriends a bear: Baloo whom shows him the melody of the jungle. With the help of Bagheera, a panther, who guides him through the depths of the forest.  Jon Favreau’s well done animation illustrates the essence of nostalgia and childhood to a vast range of viewers. Adults as well as children of all ages are welcome to witness one of their classic characters and stories come to life. Jon Favreau’s interprets the narratives well including classic sing-a-longs and the inclusion of all the main characters. The only flaw one could say would be the inclusion of more- more narrative but that all depends on film premiere timing. Great depiction nonetheless!