Wolverine-duos of archetypal samurais

by Natalia Santos

wolverine collage

Wolverine 2013

d/ James Mangold

In James Mangold interpretation of The Wolverine (2013) we are presented a story of pain, revenge, justice and power. We watch how The Wolverine is placed within a Japanese setting. A world of carnage, a world of war. We witness the explosion of the nuclear bomb and how the wolverine sacrifices and saves a soldier. His skin is burned and destroyed, nonetheless with his power of recovery – he sacrifices moments of pain to protect a soldier in a state of mortality. The audience are presented with characters of strength, skill and dedication to honour their duties of integrity.  We witness the character of Yukio. A woman of presence, skill and speed. In addition to Yukio, the audience are shadowed by the stealthy presence of Harada. A ninja.  A  leader of the black clan; a force of skillful ninjas. His soul’s purpose is to protect Mariko. As the movie unravels – we watch how  strength of character, immense integrity and power of passion ultimately unfolds a balance of unique unstoppable duos.