‘One two three, hehe don’t mess with double d!” The cul de sac kids of Ed Edd n Eddy

by Natalia Santos


Ed Edd n Eddy

creator: Danny Antonucci

We witness Ed, Edd and eddy.  The troublesome trio. Not only do they have a bond that consists of annoyance, brotherly love, and hunger for growth. They have a bond that cannot be broken. It’s contagious their desire for causing havoc in the cul de sac! It’s just barking mad how their imagination spreads from episode to episode to gain jawbreakers! They want money, and they want it fast. Well, Eddy does. It’s beautiful.  The reminisce it brings. (Depending, on your age, of course.)  The inner child. That resides in all of us.  The sad realisation that growing up sucks in retrospect. Well, for some. And how, some of us, lose that beautiful innocence and curiosity that makes us children.

the flying eduardo brothers

The cartoon is not only a cartoon that produces laughter. It is a cartoon that provokes identification with the trio and the other characters involved within it. From the ratty loud-mouth Sarah, to the soft devious Jimmy, to the mental strangeness of Johnny. Through to the pretty- girl – next- door Nazz to the home-bred Ralph. All portrayals of people we know in the real world who resonate our social realist background. A rather marvelous depiction- don’t you think?  We throw away a malicious world of social prejudices, real-life hatred, armour of differences and unite for a world of acid laughter, born from the need to make money in the rough sides of the cul de sacs of Ed Edd n Eddy.


For a more deeper analysis, read on.

Through an analytical level, we watch the acidic levels of perhaps drugs, the necessities of greed and the layers of mental health.  (All forms of interpretation, of course.) That seem   to float the gems of such a mischievous cartoon. (Yes, it’s time to get serious peeps!  It’s funny because you always hear speculated controversial conspiracy theories. Whether, or not, if they remain true or false. It’s always fun to hear them out, without hastily throwing them out.)  Observing the world of illegal drugs and lucid dreams – One + One = Ed is an episode that sticks out of mind. An episode where the Ed’s look for meanings and reasons of what, why and how.  A weird psychedelic episode that trips the minds of not only the audience, but the characters too. Messing with not only the fourth wall, but with the character’s physical space of existence. Atoms and such. Where pieces float and the unexpected happens.  Even, depicting Eddy falling through a black hole- almost as if he doesn’t actually exist in this episode. Or, any episode that it matters. Almost arguably, presenting Eddy for who he is. A fictional character. This can be emphasised by his continuous falling within the black hole, and how Ed comes to his rescue, by removing the black hole from under his feet. Ultimately, bringing him back to reality with a bang. The reality that he isn’t unstoppable. That he is a cartoon. Not immune to the pain or torture.  A psychedelic episode of fantasy v reality. Moving on, the social realist depictions of power can be seen prevalent. From the constant greed Eddy has to steal the money from the innocent cul da sac kids to the controlling manipulative behaviours carried within the persona of Sarah (Ed’s sister). The audience can see how strong the word of greed lies within the cul da sac.


The audience can watch from episode to episode how Eddy desires money more than his health. A heartbreaking depiction of how the human has become the slave to the dollar bill, expressed within Ed, Edd n Eddy and numerous cartoons that float around in the archives of Cartoon Network.  In addition, we can’t forget the notions of mental health within a cartoon such as this. Mental health is prevalent, especially through the two examples of Edd (or, Double D as they refer to) and Johnny. With Double D – the notions of OCD and the obsession of cleanliness can be seen. The constant reminder that ‘mother would not be proud’ almost elicits the fact that Double D has been psychological pressured from an early age – that the world is unsafe. Germ-wise, and even societal wise. It’s almost as if Double D needs the other two Ed’s to balance his irrational sense of beliefs. And help him cope in the real world. Double D is highly intelligent, but his intelligence cannot save him, from his irrational beliefs.  Double D lives in a world where he needs Eddy (the street-wise junkie_) and Ed (the autistic slowcoach).  At last, we cannot forget Johnny, and his friend ‘Plank’. Now ‘Plank’ is a wooden object- with a face on it. Now at first, this can be seen as a drop of harmless fun. But on a deeper level, Johnny is a young adolescent playing with a wooden object. Taking its every command, and allowing it to control his life. We could observe Plank as a token of insecurity- that Johnny needs to holds to. Perhaps he is alright- something Linus (from Charlie Brown) mentions in [Peanuts special “Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown.] How Linus uses his blanky as a token to face the world.  He, unlike Johnny, has a mind of his own. Johnny goes to Plank for advice, life questions, and so on. This is prevalent in the episode [All Ed’s Are Off ] where Eddy bets Johnny a day, that he cannot function without Plank. Resulting in a stressed out-mad Johnny filled with excessive anxiety. In retrospect, emphasising a child filled with excessive loneliness, lack of proper direction and fear of the real world. Ultimately and arguably portraying the audience with a kid, lost within a world of fantasy. A world of comfortable and safe fantasy. A world of no responsibilities – almost like the Peter Pan syndrome and Alice in Wonderland phenomenon.  We, as an audience begin to understand Ed, Edd n Eddy as more than just a cartoon for laughter and for kids – but a cartoon with deeper organic translation that make your mind say ‘Like…WHAT?!’

[writer – natalia santos, of this blog]