Black butler: queen, kings, knights of the game of life.

by Natalia Santos


Black Butler

Creator : Yana Toboso

Where would you place your chess pieces if your life was ending momentarily? Black Butler presents the unbelievable to become believable. Toboso presents angels v demons. Black butler… An intriguing anime. A dark anime. An anime about fate, destiny, revenge, and fulfilment. Funnily enough, Black Butler remains as one of those animes where you could easily dismiss without batting an eyelid. Yes, it’s true – there’s a lot of vampires, deadly animals transforming into super beings, and gruesome tales of anime boys in the manga world. But hold on a sec,  give this one a chance! It’s actually pretty good. Black Butler explores the tales of a young boy called Ciel Phantomhive; a young boy  who summons and signs a contract with a  demon at his tip of breaking point. Ciel Phantomhive returns back to his land of familiarity, his home, his parent’s estate. And, dedicates his life to the brisk of revenge. Being the queen’s guard-dog and Sebastian’s soul of interest. We watch how Sebastian admires his master’s strength and will-power to conquer his soul’s purpose. We watch how Ciel transforms into a broken soul to a brave leader. How he soon learns the hunger of what it means to live. How he comes to actually admire his life. All in all, meeting people who betray, help, and tear away the castle of his destiny. And, utimately, becoming witness to a boy who was brave enough to move the first move on the game of ‘chess’.