Black Butler: circus folk and medic phases

by Natalia Santos


book of circus

Black Butler

Creator: Yana Toboso 

A continuation of Black Butler.. there is a selection of circus like characters. The world of quirky, strange and the deranged come into surface. Themes and concepts that tickle the interest of even the traditional. Just to keep it short and sweet, the circus characters come into the world of black butler in the later seasons. (not ruining the delightful world of spoilers) The circus like characters are interesting because they not only represent the notions of being united in a family like circumstance. They represent notions of the sublime and strange. They are strange in their own way yet reunited. The member consist of name like Snake, Peter, Doll and many more. Names that resemble child like naivety (Peter from peter pan) toys of child-hood (doll), as well as animals of danger and religious connotations (Snake). The beauty of the forbidden awakens in this anime, which ultimately makes it a anime worthwhile.




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