Bottle Rocket – a Wes Anderson classic

by Natalia Santos


Bottle Rocket

You could call it the kick start to Wes Anderson’s career, or you can just call it a short film suitable for the archives? Your choice. Nevertheless, Anderson  kindly presents this short 13-minute film about two devious men Dignan and Anthony. (Wonderfully played by Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson.) Two devious men whom.. I guess you can say trying to make living? Or trying to occupy their empty schedules with devious behaviour? You name it. But that’s the beauty of this short well written narrative.

Within 13 minutes, the audience manage to capture the personalities of these two men, how they tactically converse, and how they deceit. This black and white film works carefully in producing a comedic tale of three men, (with the help of Bob Hanson played by Robert Musgrave)  bonding over robbery, theft and aggression. It’s almost has that  ‘new york street-wise vibe’ with a dash of Anderson’s style of innocence, bonding, and love. With the inclusion of breaking the fourth wall, long shots, and lots of shots of character movement: running, walking and real-life character interaction- what’s not to love? Definitely worth the 13 minutes, for sure.

I’ll just leave you with a comical rhetorical  quote from Dignan after committing a robbery –  “I can’t believe how easy that was?” A pivotal moment for sure.