Alan Carr… a witty man for your christmas woes.

by Natalia Santos

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Alan Carr

A bowl of fresh air. A feeling of belonging.  A place of comfort. Alan Carr demonstrates the human being in its perfect form. Unapologetically raw. Unfixed by societal norms, rules or regulations. Oh, how harmonious and uplifting it is. The master of chatty man, a humble and most welcomed guest to This Morning. Alan Carr sheds light on how the bullied victim can become a power of light and inspiration. How ridicule, shame and embarrassment can in fact spread will-power and ignite a flame in those ‘unlucky’ individuals who don’t have the best of both worlds at a young age. Who must deal with life from those who judge and belittle. The individuals whose lives were flawed by mediocrity and order. Alan shares an important quote in one of his interviews on This Morning ‘Be honest. At least come across like you’ve got a bit of a personality, or something.[This Morning 17 December 2010] when discussing those who have been media trained and personalities.  Perhaps it is true?! – what goes around does come around? Because be careful how you treat people because it might come back and bite you in the arse. Check out Chatty Man.

Christmas is literally around the corner, so crack open a bottle and enjoy some humorous Carr wonders. Alan Carr, a comedian from England whose joy is just that. Joy.

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