Noel fielding; a bowl of happy candyfloss, merry-go-round antics, and the absence of childhood.

by Natalia Santos


Noel fielding

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Noel fielding is the caricature of what an artist looks like. Those wide blue eyes. That bright childlike smile. And we can’t forget his child like expressions he presents in every interview. Noel presents self-expression at its finest. He presents a dancer to the art brush. His art is for you to judge; his world is for you address. That’s the beauty of an artist- it’s merely subjective. Merely magical. Merely Manic. Therefore, in this little segment; the discussion of artists is important. From Tim Burton, Akira Kurosawa, Bowie and of course many more. There’s a connection within all. A passion and drive to change the world. Noel presents a uniqueness that ideally provokes inspiration and talent. He presents a human of warmth, drive and purpose. Noel follows a path of a child. A child of curiosity, colour, coolness. People are drawn to him for his strength and ability to follow this passion. Something sadly, many lose as they get older. The will to live from your heart. The guilt not trying. The regret. A wonder of what next? These are the things Noel evokes. As many chase a life of comfort, artists take a different route. They dedicate their lives to their passion. Thus, getting noticed much later in life. Depending on how extravagant or how well the masses take it? (This is why your passion should lie in your heart and nothing else. The final line should not be success itself.) Noel turns heads in his magical world of The Mighty Boosh, partnered up with Julian Barratt and other witty heads – Noel shines in this wondrous magical world.