Copkiller (1983) A world of dispute

by Natalia Santos

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Copkiller is one of those interesting Manhantan style cuts out. It’s full of who did what, drug sellers, cool men with shades and mysteries that just haven’t been solved. A 1983 film directed by Roberto Faenza including Lt. Fred O’connor  (Harvey Keital) and the ol’ troublesome Leo Smith (John Lydon wildly known as Johnny Rotten from the sex pistols.) This film explores the tensions and explosions of what happens when two devious men meet and somewhat team up together – and how they need each-other in retrospect. How strength can be defined in many ways, not just through the typical masculine bravado but through mental strength and the willingness to lead on, manipulate, torture, and survive in this brutal world of reality. Faenza can be seen to somewhat project the world of power, survival, love and corruption. This is an interesting feast, it’s in 80’s style with a hint of 70’s bad boy, it’s got the rough love that we desire to see. It’s got chases and legit American police officer aggression and edge. It’s even got Lydon’s head being put into a gas cooker. What’s more riveting than that?