New Romantics – weird for some, extravagant for others.

by Natalia Santos


New Romantics (Late 70’s to early 80’s .. or  even earlier to be honest.. )

Now the saucy new romantics was an era of exploration, colour and ravish attitude.  It was an era for not only the unconventional but the average, the thinkers, anyone into a new ambience of expression. It was a time to perform and entertain. You craved for attention, and what you gave out – you got.  What we need to understand is that era such these caused revolutionary effects. The riding emergence of celebrities. Some perhaps trying to get a name for themselves and others doing it for the mere sensation of expression. It’s coincidental the name even- ‘Romantic’ probably derived from the connotation of the word; to be expressive, poetic and loving.  The romantic is known to spread love and give love from the heart.  The New Romantics can be seen to do just this, they are expressive. Expressive through their elements of style, and maybe even artists perhaps, in their own way. Nevertheless, for some it may not be truly from the heart, perhaps a way of seemingly looking ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ for the era without any repercussions. We’ve got to recall that this was a time of exploration, a time of emerging trends and culture entering the realms of London.  You remember the days when women who were interested in black cats and killed and destroyed for being interested in the ‘unknown’ when perhaps that could have been the rise of the gothic, or even new romantic era?  That’s the thing with eras such as these you never know and that’s what makes it grand and special.

It’s also important to understand how fulfilling this wave or cult (whatever you prefer to call it) was through the bands and great records were emerging during this wave of individualism and style. Bands such as Spandau Ballet, Gary Newman and his collection, Boy George and Culture Club, ABC, Soft Cell, Adam and the Ants, Duran Duran and many more. There was sass, style and bands who found a purpose to their existence. It’s also intriguing to notice the sounds that arose from these bands such as  electronica, pop, rock, soul etc. An era to turn heads for sure.