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New Romantics – weird for some, extravagant for others.


New Romantics (Late 70’s to early 80’s .. or  even earlier to be honest.. )

Now the saucy new romantics was an era of exploration, colour and ravish attitude.  It was an era for not only the unconventional but the average, the thinkers, anyone into a new ambience of expression. It was a time to perform and entertain. You craved for attention, and what you gave out – you got.  What we need to understand is that era such these caused revolutionary effects. The riding emergence of celebrities. Some perhaps trying to get a name for themselves and others doing it for the mere sensation of expression. It’s coincidental the name even- ‘Romantic’ probably derived from the connotation of the word; to be expressive, poetic and loving.  The romantic is known to spread love and give love from the heart.  The New Romantics can be seen to do just this, they are expressive. Expressive through their elements of style, and maybe even artists perhaps, in their own way. Nevertheless, for some it may not be truly from the heart, perhaps a way of seemingly looking ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ for the era without any repercussions. We’ve got to recall that this was a time of exploration, a time of emerging trends and culture entering the realms of London.  You remember the days when women who were interested in black cats and killed and destroyed for being interested in the ‘unknown’ when perhaps that could have been the rise of the gothic, or even new romantic era?  That’s the thing with eras such as these you never know and that’s what makes it grand and special.

It’s also important to understand how fulfilling this wave or cult (whatever you prefer to call it) was through the bands and great records were emerging during this wave of individualism and style. Bands such as Spandau Ballet, Gary Newman and his collection, Boy George and Culture Club, ABC, Soft Cell, Adam and the Ants, Duran Duran and many more. There was sass, style and bands who found a purpose to their existence. It’s also intriguing to notice the sounds that arose from these bands such as  electronica, pop, rock, soul etc. An era to turn heads for sure.

Copkiller (1983) A world of dispute

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Copkiller is one of those interesting Manhantan style cuts out. It’s full of who did what, drug sellers, cool men with shades and mysteries that just haven’t been solved. A 1983 film directed by Roberto Faenza including Lt. Fred O’connor  (Harvey Keital) and the ol’ troublesome Leo Smith (John Lydon wildly known as Johnny Rotten from the sex pistols.) This film explores the tensions and explosions of what happens when two devious men meet and somewhat team up together – and how they need each-other in retrospect. How strength can be defined in many ways, not just through the typical masculine bravado but through mental strength and the willingness to lead on, manipulate, torture, and survive in this brutal world of reality. Faenza can be seen to somewhat project the world of power, survival, love and corruption. This is an interesting feast, it’s in 80’s style with a hint of 70’s bad boy, it’s got the rough love that we desire to see. It’s got chases and legit American police officer aggression and edge. It’s even got Lydon’s head being put into a gas cooker. What’s more riveting than that?

Noel fielding; a bowl of happy candyfloss, merry-go-round antics, and the absence of childhood.


Noel fielding

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Noel fielding is the caricature of what an artist looks like. Those wide blue eyes. That bright childlike smile. And we can’t forget his child like expressions he presents in every interview. Noel presents self-expression at its finest. He presents a dancer to the art brush. His art is for you to judge; his world is for you address. That’s the beauty of an artist- it’s merely subjective. Merely magical. Merely Manic. Therefore, in this little segment; the discussion of artists is important. From Tim Burton, Akira Kurosawa, Bowie and of course many more. There’s a connection within all. A passion and drive to change the world. Noel presents a uniqueness that ideally provokes inspiration and talent. He presents a human of warmth, drive and purpose. Noel follows a path of a child. A child of curiosity, colour, coolness. People are drawn to him for his strength and ability to follow this passion. Something sadly, many lose as they get older. The will to live from your heart. The guilt not trying. The regret. A wonder of what next? These are the things Noel evokes. As many chase a life of comfort, artists take a different route. They dedicate their lives to their passion. Thus, getting noticed much later in life. Depending on how extravagant or how well the masses take it? (This is why your passion should lie in your heart and nothing else. The final line should not be success itself.) Noel turns heads in his magical world of The Mighty Boosh, partnered up with Julian Barratt and other witty heads – Noel shines in this wondrous magical world.





Alan Carr… a witty man for your christmas woes.

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Alan Carr

A bowl of fresh air. A feeling of belonging.  A place of comfort. Alan Carr demonstrates the human being in its perfect form. Unapologetically raw. Unfixed by societal norms, rules or regulations. Oh, how harmonious and uplifting it is. The master of chatty man, a humble and most welcomed guest to This Morning. Alan Carr sheds light on how the bullied victim can become a power of light and inspiration. How ridicule, shame and embarrassment can in fact spread will-power and ignite a flame in those ‘unlucky’ individuals who don’t have the best of both worlds at a young age. Who must deal with life from those who judge and belittle. The individuals whose lives were flawed by mediocrity and order. Alan shares an important quote in one of his interviews on This Morning ‘Be honest. At least come across like you’ve got a bit of a personality, or something.[This Morning 17 December 2010] when discussing those who have been media trained and personalities.  Perhaps it is true?! – what goes around does come around? Because be careful how you treat people because it might come back and bite you in the arse. Check out Chatty Man.

Christmas is literally around the corner, so crack open a bottle and enjoy some humorous Carr wonders. Alan Carr, a comedian from England whose joy is just that. Joy.

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Bottle Rocket – a Wes Anderson classic


Bottle Rocket

You could call it the kick start to Wes Anderson’s career, or you can just call it a short film suitable for the archives? Your choice. Nevertheless, Anderson  kindly presents this short 13-minute film about two devious men Dignan and Anthony. (Wonderfully played by Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson.) Two devious men whom.. I guess you can say trying to make living? Or trying to occupy their empty schedules with devious behaviour? You name it. But that’s the beauty of this short well written narrative.

Within 13 minutes, the audience manage to capture the personalities of these two men, how they tactically converse, and how they deceit. This black and white film works carefully in producing a comedic tale of three men, (with the help of Bob Hanson played by Robert Musgrave)  bonding over robbery, theft and aggression. It’s almost has that  ‘new york street-wise vibe’ with a dash of Anderson’s style of innocence, bonding, and love. With the inclusion of breaking the fourth wall, long shots, and lots of shots of character movement: running, walking and real-life character interaction- what’s not to love? Definitely worth the 13 minutes, for sure.

I’ll just leave you with a comical rhetorical  quote from Dignan after committing a robbery –  “I can’t believe how easy that was?” A pivotal moment for sure.

Little Miss Sunshine


Little Miss Sunshine

d/ Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris

A glistering narrative of hope, dedication, love and the ol’ famous matra of ‘you can pick your friends but not your family’.  Little miss sunshine illustrates the transitions of growing up, failures, perfection in a beautiful family narrative that fits all. It’s one of  those films that delightgully fits your agenda on a stormy rainy day, christmas evening or as a birthday treat. It makes you realise what you have got. That you’re bad days aren’t really bad days. That perfection is just that. A word conjured up to perform. That sometimes you need to just follow that little yellow volkswagan caravan channelling the inner journey that your heart desires.